カナディアンキャンプ⑦ student's comments!‐2

キャンプ2日目、どうでしたか? 参加生徒のコメントです:)

…I had a very very good time today!!!!
For example, our team went on a hike.We were able to see beautiful moss. I think that Yamanashi prefecture has a lot of beautiful nature.
In the evening we had a campfire. All the people had very nice smiles.Tomorrow we have presentations! I hope it will be wonderful!!!!!!!!
I don't want to go back to Koshigaya!  From Ringa S.

…In the morning, we had online communication with Canadian buddies. At first, I was nervous, but my Canadian buddy was very kind so I had a good time. In the evening, we had a campfire and enjoyed ourselves! I had a good time today!  From Ryuto T.